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Coral Manton

This is a collaborative project with Dr Jen Grove from a Wellcome Trust Supported Project at Exeter University – Rethinking Sexology – and author Dr Abigail Parry. The project aimed to develop a game which asks young people to think about how we share images online, what happens to them and how their meaning and intent changes as they multiply across the web? We used 3D scanning technologies and skill sharing to ask young people to think about what happens to digital images online. We wanted to use historical and archaeological methodologies to investigate the shifting cultural context and meaning of material objects. We used digital gaming technologies to explore how digitising and online sharing of museum artefacts (in which they are copied and further removed from their ‘original’ historical or cultural context and possibly institutional control) can open up discussion about our use of the internet, especially around sharing personal and intimate content. We co-designed, prototyped and tested the game with St James School in Exeter and members of their Digital Safety Pupil Group. We ran workshops in object digitisation, understanding sexology collections, game narrative development, prototyping and testing. The game was developed in Unity.
Full write up of the project so far available here:

  • Date 2018

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