Coral Manton

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Coral Manton

Collaborative project with audio artist Leon Trimble and Gravitational Wave Researchers/Astrophysicists at the University of Birmingham LIGO Research Department. For this project I created a visualisation of a gravity wave/spacetime ripple using LIGO research data. I then live coded a modulation of the wave using GLSL Shaders. I coded the shader in TouchDesigner which reacted to a desktop Laser Interferometer developed by the researchers. The performance was with Leon Trimble who played a modular synthesiser the researchers linked to the Interferometer. The performance of this piece was at Future Everything Festival 2018. I am developing the visual element of the performance for a 360 dome at Lunar Festival 2018.

  • Role Visual Artist and Live-Coder

  • For Future Everything Festival

  • Date 2018

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